I've been guilty of bashing Manufacturing here in Indiana as much as the next guy. When I think manufacturing job, I picture a guy in coveralls doing some monotonous production assembly line work over and over again. My perception probably isn't different from teens nowadays, though.

Manufacturing and logistics aren't even exciting words. They're old. They're boring. It's difficult to picture them any other way! The truth is that manufacturing and logistics are anything but boring, though. Manufacturing equates to dynamic, high-speed automation. Logistics equates to complex software models combined with fascinating growing technologies like geographic information systems.

十代の若者たち7The question is how does an entire state change the way government, parents and children think about you when so many people don't realize what you actually are? Sure, branding campaigns, typical marketing to influencers like politicians and educators will help. But how do you target the very people you need to fill hundreds of thousands of jobs in a few years? That was a question posed to me this afternoon… what a doozy!

In a state like Indiana, where the hubris of the 4-year college has settled in (that's what we're known for, right?), how do you attract young talent to trade programs and 2 year trade colleges? I think it's a three-fold proposition:

  1. Ensuring influencers recognize the bitter reality of statistics. The majority of students that start at 4 year schools don't complete their degrees. And of the ones that do capture their bachelor's degrees… many are having a difficult time finding meaningful employment. An influencer who talks their C+ student into a 4 year degree program may not be doing them any favors. That's a tough pill to swallow!
  2. 親が子供と話し合う機会を認識できるようにする。 私の son's school he was a mediocre student – so it was the military knocking on his door every day. Bill started at IUPUI instead and has now blossomed into a double-honors major in Math and Physics. He's also beginning to attract scholarships and works to tutor other students at the University.

    My point with my son is this – if we didn't have the resources for his schooling, he could have been easily talked into the military. I'm a veteran and don't regret the decision – but I didn't realize I had options at his age. He did (and does) have options! If the 4 year degree program hadn't worked out, he would have been an exceptional trade school prospect (why does that sound so negative?). He and I weren't aware of that, though.

  3. Absolutely key to any marketing effort is the target, itself. This is where the rubber hits the road. I don't care how well you impact influencers and market to Moms and Dads… if you're not getting these kids on board, you're going to fail. So where do you find them? Facebook? Twitter? Mobile? Video Games? At School? Youth Groups?

Yes, you find them everywhere. We've done a fine job at educating our kids to build their own identities, think differently, find happiness… so that's just what they're doing. You can find my daughter 写真を撮る and sharing them. Katie's also testing out videos with her Flip camera. And of course, on Instant Messenger and her cell phone. Once in a while, she'll get together with her friends and play ロックバンド.

My 息子のブログ (sporadically), is on Facebook and joins his other musician friends on MySpace. Aside from that, you'll find him at his favorite hangouts, ビーンカップ (彼は私を夢中にさせた)そして ワッフルハウス…はい、ワッフルハウス。

Teens have choices nowadays and are fighting for their own individuality. Very few, if any, of my son and daughter's friends are rebelling as we did when I was young. They're spoiled. They have toys. They have the Internet. They have each other. They don't like brands or being managed. They like green. They want to save the Earth… whatever that means.

今日の若者を利用するには、昨年のいくつかのうまく設計された浸透方法が必要です。 ナイキがやらなければならなかったのは、映画で最新のハイトップを走らせて売り上げを伸ばすことだけだったのを覚えています。 今日、子供たちは誰も持っていないスニーカーを見つけたいと思っています。

If you're going to hunt teens, you better bring a shotgun. Dominating Google, Youtube, Flickrの, Facebook (少し古すぎるかもしれません)、 私のスペース、音楽シーン、ショッピングモール、ビデオゲーム、携帯電話、地元のコーヒーショップやワッフルハウスは良いスタートかもしれません!

私のアドバイスは、XNUMX代の若者に場所を提供する方が簡単かもしれないということです be 彼らが行くのではなく  . I know how appreciative our kids were of regional and Church youth groups where they could hang out, talk, play video games, and still be told a great message. They didn't always come for the message, but they did come for each other! That place needn't be a brick and mortar establishment, it could be a great place online.

あなたの考え? XNUMX代のマーケティングに関する写真と素晴らしい投稿 パースペクティブブログで見つかりました。


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    素晴らしい投稿です! もっと考えてみると、XNUMX人の子供がXNUMX代になるまでには何年もかかりますが、気が付く前に飛んでいくことはわかっています。 私たちがしている最悪のことのXNUMXつは、子供たちが本当に準備ができていないときに大学に進学させることだと思います。 他のオプションがあります:軍隊、貿易、サービス組織。

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    また、誰もが一日中オフィスや研究室にいることを望んでいるわけではありません。 過去13年間、机に鎖でつながれていて、タイピング以外のことをしたいと思っている子供たちがたくさんいます。 製造業はCの学生だけのものではありません。 私は、むしろ立ち上がって何か物理的なことをしたいと思っている貿易の仕事で何人かの優秀な人々を知っています。


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      あなたは絶対に正しいです、そして私はどういうわけかこれらの仕事が平均以下の学生のためであったと述べているように出くわさなかったと思います。 私の主張は正反対です。これらの仕事はどちらも刺激的で、技術的に進歩しており、非常に高給のキャリアにつながり、4年の学位を必要としません。 それらのいくつかは2年も必要としません!

      それは本当に見過ごされている業界です。 誰もが成功するためには、今日は学士号が必要だと考えています。 それは良い「保険契約」だと私は言いますが、やりがいのあるやりがいのあるキャリアを望んでいる若い人にとって、それは最も楽しく実り多いルートではないかもしれません!



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    「ミレニアル世代」であることを私は定義します。 あなたがここで言ったことすべてに同意します。

    彼らがいる場所で彼らに会い、そのショットガンでコークスのラインを取ります。 あなたはそれを必要とするでしょう。

    PC Load Letter#$ @#はどういう意味ですか?


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