サイトの読み込みが遅い。 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received this message over the years when working with clients. Site speed is incredibly important… it can reduce bounces, keep visitors engaged, get your site ranked better in Google, and ultimately lead to more conversions. We love fast sites… it’s one of the first issues we attack with a client (and also why we host FlywheelのWordPress – that’s an affiliate link).

そのメモを取得する サイトが遅い is frustrating because it could be based on hundreds of issues… how much bandwidth your company has, how many people are using it, the background downloads that you’re doing, the browser you’re running, the browser add-ons are running, whether it’s a secure site, where your domains are hosted, where the site is hosted, how many other sites are loaded on the same host, how your server caches the site and if you’ve distributed static resources through a CDN いくつかの名前を付けます。

It’s impossible to tell what the problem might be when our clients reach out to us and ask. So, we generally visit sites like Pingdomの and run some speed tools and prove to them that everyone outside of them isn’t having problems. Of course, that’s when they come back and tell us that everyone they know is having problems, too… sigh.

And analyzing your page speed through Google Search Console (Labs section) is a joke… it’s dependent upon people running a toolbar to report the speed. There’s really not too many places you can go to get a true answer. Or is there? トービットインサイト is a real user measurement tool that adds transparency to your website may not just provide the answer, but also solutions. It allows you to slice and dice both your visitors and your site to see a real picture of your site’s speed.

トービットインサイト 実際のユーザー測定指標を利用できるようにし、マーケティング担当者がすべての訪問者の実際のWebページの読み込み時間を監視できるようにします。 このツールは、情報をドリルダウンして、Webページが遅くなる場所とその理由を正確に特定します。 XNUMX秒の解像度により、データをリアルタイムで利用できます。

The tool provides for intuitive matrices such as the correlation between website loading speed and bounce rates or conversion rates, real time data reporting in live map view, a histogram of user load times with metrics such as median and top percentiles, comparison of performance across different browsers and geographies, and customized suggestions on how to better performance, all with 100 percent sampling. And if you’re running a WordPress site, you can get up and running quickly with 彼らのWordPressプラグイン.


With this information, you can now identify whether that latest code deployment made your website a lot slower, whether the root cause is an overburdened server, or… just prove to your client that you’re doing your job and the site is working great.


It’s also fantastic to observe load times geographically, as well!

価格も適正です。 の基本バージョン トービットインサイト, including 100 percent sampling for up to 1,000,000 monthly page views and 30 day data retention, comes completely free. If you’d like to drill down into the issues, view your best and worst visits, or even monitor conversions by load time, the tool requires an upgrade.


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    あなたは本当にあなたのウェブサイトの読み込み時間の重要性を過小評価することはできません。 コンテンツやデザインが優れていても、読み込みが遅いと訪問者を失うことになります。 検索エンジンは、優れたユーザーエクスペリエンスを提供するWebサイトを好みます。 

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